Most gainers

The protocol provides Auto Smart Arbitrage between most Defi protocols and Liquidity for solo pairs in many Dex protocols.

The Bohrium protocol uses all Defi potential to make the most gain, A protocol that does not overlook even small opportunities.

Protocol designed to move liquidity through all possible profit opportunities automatically.

Liquidity Aggregation

Smart Arbitrage

Staking Opportunities

Yield Farming

1. Invest

Bohrium is compatible with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, User can easily connect its wallet through MetaMask or Wallet-Connect and lock funds.

2. Gain

Every 5 minutes protocol calculates all gains and shares them with lock holders, Users get profit every 5 minutes based on related APY (±1% APY).

3. Withdraw

Users can withdraw their funds at any time without any locking period.

NEXT LEVEL EARNING +10% Referral commission Bounty Program


DApp Ready

All Contracts are finalized after Months of Test, All promised features are available

Incredibly Flexible

Bohrium is Multi Chain Protocol, Developing Bohrium to other Blockchains with HyperFlexible programming is our main purpose

Quick Support

We monitor all protocol activities and the Team quickly reacts to any Odd functionality to solve and update protocol as fast as possible

Clean Code

Bohrium code is the basis of all our products as it makes our contract flawlessly stable and reliable, anyone can read and use it

Healthy Protocol

Bohrium protocol is based on Real Gains and Real Opportunities, No Pyramid, No Ponzi and No Bullshit

Clean Design

Web3 App is designed to be easily understood and used

Total Value Locked (USD)

Total Withdrawn (USD)

Yield Reserve (USD)

Lines of Code (V 1.15)

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